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>> Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A sprinkle of snow starting falling from the sky this morning in central London. As people realised, excitement and child like glee swept through the office like a mexican wave. Adults stood glued to the windows watching the flakes tumble down over Regent Street. Unfortunately the light dusting was not enough to settle on the roads and only a few parked cars managed to collect about 1cm before the snow turned into light rain.

Unfortunately it is not on the list but experiencing snow in the capital must.
Earlier this year I managed navigate my way through the 15 odd centimetres that brought most of London grinding to a halt into Piccadilly Circus. It was amazing to be standing in one of the most hectic parts of town with nobody around watching the snow fall.

Weather forecasters are predicting more snow is on the way. I for one am dreaming of a White Christmas!


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