#36 Watch - but don't join in - the competition for the Peter Pan cup

>> Monday, 28 December 2009

Every Christmas morning since 1864 some foolhardy souls have been taking the plunge into the Serpentine Lake in the middle of Hyde Park. I have had a couple of swims in the Serpentine in the middle of summer in a full westsuit so can apprecaite taking the plunge in late December is a challenge.

The race for the Peter Pan cup began sharply at 9am with approximately 60 competitor led out to the pontoon by a sole bag piper to take part in the handicap race. In order to be eligible for the swim you must have endured all of the races in the winter series. A sizeable crowd was gathered on the banks of the roughly 50 metres course to join in the fun.

Swimmers were treated to a whiskey and coke upon exciting the chilly waters as well as a long walk back to the change rooms in their swimmers with lots of rugged up onlookers...

Still trying to decide if I am silly enough to try and take part next year??
Although offically it is ticked off the list.


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