I heart Tesco Man

>> Wednesday, 23 December 2009

It was catastrophic news that almost meant the cancellation of Christmas. Last night Tesco man was unable to battle his way through the ice and snow to deliver our mince pies and Christmas ham. Due to the number of orders in the lead up to xmas day, Tesco man advised he was unable to reschedule our order...

The world of online grocery ordering was opened to me by a close friend a couple of years ago. At first I was reluctant. I liked wandering around the store picking out goodies. Ordering online was foreign and strange!

But then Tesco man arrived right on time as requested carrying my grocery order right into kitchen. No queues, no check out, no heavy bags & no long walk home from the store. My life changed. Simple. Easy. Tesco Man coming to visit was the highlight of the week!

In store Christmas food shopping this evening was chaos. Long queues, grumpy check out chicks and a long walk home in the cold pouring rain with heavy bags.

Please come back to me Tesco Man!


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