iPad is Here!

>> Friday, 28 May 2010

Apple's iPad has officially gone on sale this morning at the Regent Street store. Wandering down Regents Street on my way to work I was confronted with large patient queuing crowds snaking up around the corner into Hanover Square, lots of crowd barriers blocking the pavement complete with high visibility security guards and even more media snappers camped out the front! A lot of opportunistic app sellers were also advertising their wears in a range of creative outfits and vehicles loitering in the area.

All the people went crazy for the one person patient enough to queue for days to be the first to claim London's first iPad. Stephen Fry a self confessed Apple geek was one of the first celebs to emerge with the iPad thrust thriumpantly into the air!

I am sure the crowds may even grow throughout the day might have a wander past at lunch...



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