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>> Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Apple store in London is a Mecca to all things Mac! Today I made the short wander from our offices overlooking Regent Street to invest in an Apple gadget. Now I have always been a bit scared of Apple and Mac, ever since as a kid growing up when my family had a second hand Mac IIE with huge brown box, its luminous green screen and strange data processing noises. I had stayed away. The Apple store with its cool crowd, genius bars and lack of kiosks also meant Apple and I were not compatible.

However the noughties has been the decade of Apple - with the release of the iPod in October 2001 and the iPhone in June 2007 - Apple has conquered the world and the last few years have slowly been sucking me in. I can clearly remember sitting on the waterfront in Chicago in 2005 and watching everybody who ran past being plugged into an iPod.

So I have come to the conclusion that running and an iPod make sense. Kill the boredom be inspired to run faster and stronger! Furthermore Nike have brought out a Nike + shoe which includes a sensor and an attachment that plugs into a nano or syncs with you iPhone. The device calculates how far you have run, how many calories you have burnt and lets you upload all your information onto a tailored website that lets you track your progress. Training for the marathon this toy was simply too good not to have!!

Now I have bought one from battle the xmas crowds at the Apple store and ticked another item off the 1000 things to do list, I just wish I could get the sensor to stay in my asics shoe when running and can figure out to get rid of the connected message on girlfriend's nano when it is clearly no longer connected to the Dell computer...

I had planned on the female trainer's voice on Nike+ and I becoming good friends.
I'll keep you posted.


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